Friday, March 19, 2010

update on my diet -- 16 lbs lost in 18 days

I have 3 more days to go before I can drink my delicious raw milk again!! I can't wait! Monday morning for breakfast I am going to have a delicious healthy glass of milk! And, funny thing, I did this diet without being very hungry at all! YAY for me.

I am down 16 lbs and hope to lose 2 more pounds in the next 3 days. 18 lbs is not that bad, I guess, though I would have liked it to be closer to 25 lbs. I will continue to lose weight until I reach 140... I know some people consider that underweight for my 5'8" height... but it is where most of my cute clothes fit me the best... My goals are to only eat simple carbs (sugars, processed flour) on a very limited basis. Another important goal is portion control. Besides that, all else works. I won't limit myself of anything that I normally would eat. For example, I still won't go to fast food restaurants, nor will I eat processed foods, but I normally don't eat those anyway.

My grandma's first cousin's funeral is today, so that is why I am home from work. Then, later this afternoon I will be heading over to my duplex and checking out some measurements and quotes for a fence installation. I promised her a fence for her dog this spring!!

I hope to start promoting my detox foot pads more, in the next week. I want to do a huge sale to welcome spring in. Spring is a time to get ready for summer, to lose weight, start up your exercise regime again, and get healthy. Get rid of those toxins that are making you tired, lethargic, and in pain constantly. If you suffer from migraines, headaches, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or other chronic issues, then for sure the detox foot pads will help you.

Now, off to get ready for the day! I always seem to be running a bit behind!

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