Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another stream of consciousness blog posting that really doesn't say much.

Yesterday I faxed my order to Chipotle for the 5 free burritos that I won, and then when we got there, my order was wrong. They gave me rice and beans, cheese, and no lettuce. And only one small scoop of mild tomato salsa. (I only wanted barbacoa, peppers/onions, 3 scoops tomato salsa and lettuce) But it wasn't the right time and place to complain, so I ate it anyway. The rice should not have been eaten on my diet. But I was with my colleagues and wasn't able to do anything about it. Oh well. I surely was disappointed, as I eat at Chipotle so many times, and have my favorite way of doing things that I don't like to stray from.

On another note, I spoke with a VP at Alpine Aire (a freeze dried food company) yesterday. As I continue on my quest for healthy long term food storage options, I was very impressed with them, and they need a shout out! I had left a message about my concerns with finding long term freeze dried foods without MSG or its many names (autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolyzed this or that, natural flavors, maltodextrin, etc). Most people don't even recognize that these other names for MSG are actually MSG. But what this Alpine Aire VP did, was do his own research, and he called me back and told me that he hadn't realized how many ways MSG can be hidden in foods. I was very impressed, to say the least. He researched on his own what products of his that I could buy, and not worry about MSG. And he gave me that list. Not only that, he said he now was going to change the labeling or way they promote their foods. Well, for sure I am going to buy his products!! How cool is that! And, whenever someone discusses freeze dried long term storage products with me, I will definitely refer them to his company.

Mountain House is another brand, I have both products right now, in my food storage pantry. We actually have only tried Mountain House Chili Mac, but Steve loved it, and if he loved it, then it is good enough for me! I worry about feeding him food he doesn't like.

Well, I just finished filling my orders for today for my detox foot pads. Now I have to finish my physical therapy and get heading off to work. I always run a little late. But most of the time I eat my lunch at my desk as I tend to work related issues, so it all works out!

Tomorrow I am taking the day off because I am attending a funeral. My grandma's first cousin and his family live in Minnesota -- my only relatives out here! He passed away last Saturday and so I will be traveling to Northfield (about 1 hour 45 min away) and there is no way I can just take off half a day... I have to leave by 9:30am, and then I wouldn't get back until after 3:30pm. So unfortunately I am taking the whole day off.

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