Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HCG Diet - getting my body back to a healthy weight

Homeopathic HCG Diet.

I started the HcG diet this week. In 2 days I have lost 3 pounds of fat so far. It is very difficult for me to eat a very low calorie diet, but the food I AM eating tastes delicious, so I am not depriving myself of anything tasty... I ate grilled chicken last night with some delicious peas. I used savory sea salt from Mother Earth Minerals to season almost everything. Today for lunch I had leftovers from yesterday. I also am eating grilled chicken salads with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing that has 30 calories. I am eating fresh fruit as snacks, and if I get too hungry between meals, I eat a few spoonfuls of fat free cottage cheese.

I am drinking a LOT of Jasmine Green Tea from Bigelow. I am also sweetening some koolaid with Stevia so it is no calories but yet I don't have to have the sugar. I LOVE stevia. My favorite flavors of koolaid are strawberry and fruit punch. I am not a big koolaid drinker, and miss my raw milk. 18 more days to go and my goal weight loss is 25 pounds. I think I can do it.

I am still taking my minerals and vitamins, and my Silica Gel and resveratrol.

My BMI was 25.8, which is just a tad above "healthy" weight for me. But because of my hypothyroidism, I could not lose weight. Now that my thyroid is acting better, I have to lose the weight. The sooner the better. I am used to fluctuating between 135-145 my whole adult life, so this was frustrating for me! I am tall, 5'8" and can carry my weight well, but who wants to "carry weight well". I want to feel good and look good, too. And, I don't want my clothes to fit me tight anymore. I HATE clothes shopping as much as I hate grocery shopping. I have plenty of nice clothes, I just need to finish this diet so I can wear them again! I am normally a size 6/8 and hate being a 10/12 so that will be something to look forward to!

So, I will try to give updates every few days. I am hoping for at least a pound of weight loss per day. That is do-able, as it burns FAT not MUSCLE, and I am using the sauna, and will try to use it more frequently during this diet. I can burn up to 900 calories in 1 sauna sitting, and that is more than the number of calories I am eating per day. I am very active and am doing my strengthening exercises, and using my "jiggly machine" (vibration exerciser). So... we will see.

I am not starving. I am hungry, but as my body adjusts to less calories, with the same activity level, I think I will do fine. My biggest craving right now is Strawberry Starbursts. I don't know why. It is easy for me to go to bed at night on an empty stomach than it is for me to skip breakfast. So that is hard, since we aren't supposed to eat breakfast, and then only eat a piece of fruit mid morning.

Other things I am craving: Ramen Noodles without the seasoning (I use non-msg beef or chicken broth), mexican food, Leeann Chin's sesame chicken (this is probably going to be my first regular meal again, in 19 days!)

And, I am using my detox foot pads. I want to make sure I am not putting more toxins into my thyroid to make it stagnant again! I am also doing minor other things, like not drinking out of plastic water bottles anymore, not storing my foods in plastic containers (I switched to glass pyrex containers and I think I really like them), and being consistent with my supplements.

One month from now I will be feeling amazing. Just you watch and see!!

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