Friday, March 26, 2010

Life is Great!! Life is Beautiful! Life is filled with Blessings!

So while I think about my life, I can't begin to express how many blessings I receive on a daily basis. I sometimes like to think that my whole life has been blessed because my mom is an Angel, looking down from Heaven, making sure good things happen to me. I used to think that as a child, and sometimes still do, as an adult. My mom's only sister, my aunt Linda, lives in Australia. Just yesterday she sent me an email with some scanned pictures attached. They were of my grandparents, my mom, and another great great grandmother. I really enjoy things like this. Besides, the pictures are SO beautiful.

And Purify Your Body's detox foot pads are doing well. It seems that people are getting more interested in their health. They are taking charge of their health more and more. Maybe it is because of the healthcare reform we are facing. I don't know the reason, but I am reaping the benefits. Folks are looking for relief from fibromyalgia, cures for migraines, pain relief from gout, insomnia, fatigue, Lyme disease, and so many other forms of illnesses. The first thing that people need to do is look for what is going on in their life. What toxins are they putting in their bodies? With fibromyalgia, there has been links to environmental toxins. Well, if you can't control your environment (say you work in a hair salon and are exposed to chemicals all day long -- for perms, colorings, etc), then the second best thing to do would be to use detox foot pads to get rid of the toxins. In that situation you won't ever get ahead... the foot pads probably won't ever come out clean, because you just keep putting the toxins in your body... but at least your symptoms will start to go away and you will get relief. Unfortunately for those folks they probably will want to be using the foot pads indefinitely, instead of maybe just for 2-3 months every year.

There are quite a few customers of mine that use the foot pads year round. That is great, sure. By all means. Many of these people are older and find that by using the detox pads they have a better quality of life. Who wouldn't want a better quality of life!? This is great.

Keep on detoxing. I will keep on providing the highest quality detox foot pads for the lowest price.

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