Monday, August 31, 2015

All About Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is something I have been using for YEARS. It is the #1 thing I have with me in my purse at all times (#2 is NutraSilver and #3 are essential oils -- peppermint and thieves).

Why is it so important? IT CURES FOOD POISONING! It is what every EMT and ambulance has on hand for any type of poisoning -- overdose of drugs, food poisoning, etc. It is a MIRACLE. And it should be in EVERY.SINGLE.HOUSE. 

It is safe for babies, adults, pets, you name it. When your dog ate something suspicious and you think it might poison him or her, give a capsule or two (depending on size of animal), and it will adsorb the poisons. Adsorption is different than absorption. 

**This also helps with hangovers** Not that I want to be an enabler or anything, and I don't even drink alcohol, but I have seen my husband suffer big time from hangovers and would not wish it on anybody. No matter how stupid they were the night before!! hah!

What else is it good for? Lots! 

It is a must have when you go on vacation, in case you get Montezuma's Revenge. Seriously. It has saved me many times when I was in Central America. I would not even imagine going anywhere without it!

And, I use it for teeth whitening! You should seriously try it. First, since it is not a loose powder, and it is in capsule form, you have to be careful about opening the capsule. It can make a mess but it is easy to clean up. Pour the black powder onto your damp toothbrush, and then brush away. You will be amazed!! I know it looks terrible and dark and such, but once you spit and rinse your mouth out, you will see the tea stains, coffee stains, or just plain yellowish color, GONE! No joke!

It may have a scary look to it (no one wants to eat black powder, right?) and it may make you a teeny bit constipated with dark stools the next day, but don't worry... it is just temporary. And totally worth it since you just cured yourself of a bad case of food poisoning!

So, what is so great about Nature's True Medicine Activated Charcoal?

  • Tasteless and pure
  • Manufactured in the USA without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, sugar, milk, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast, etc. 
  • Multiple uses for it -- all are safe!
  • 50% stronger per capsule compared to other brands. 450 mg per capsule
  • Money back guarantee in the first year.


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