Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Athena Menstrual Cup Review

The Athena Cup is a menstrual cup that is reusable, gentle and eco-friendly.   It is made of 100% hypoallergenic materials that do not absorb anything into the body. It is SAFE and effective.

It has a 15 year lifespan, which means you can save a LOT of money over the years. And you can wear them for up to 12 hours at a time. Not only that, by using them you are saving the earth -- do you know 20 BILLION pads and tampons are thrown in landfills every YEAR in North America?

 Regular pads and tampons are made of chlorine-bleached wood pulp and gmo cotton grown with pesticides. They have plastic with glue mixed in and you also are sure to get your share of bleach and dioxins.

Some research has shown that all these toxins actually contributes more to PMS symptoms, along with longer periods and more bleeding. NO, THANK YOU!  These carcinogenic chemicals are harmful to your body and to the environment.

They make two sizes...

Size 1 Light to Regular Flow - Low to medium cervix height - Pre childbirth
Size 2 Regular to Heavy Flow - Any cervix height - Post childbirth

It comes with a fancy carrying bag to store it in. It is made out of super soft material and the highest quality silicone. It is easier than competitors to insert and remove.

They offer a 90 day guarantee - no questions asked, so what are you waiting for?


Here are their directions for use that they gave me:

Directions for use:

Learning how to effortlessly insert and remove your Athena Cup can take some patience and practice. At first it may feel a little strange but with a short amount of practice you will soon be putting your Athena Cup in effortlessly.

When you first receive your cup wash it well using warm water and a mild soap or put it in boiling water before first use.

To Insert your Athena Cup:
1)Wash your hands and cup under running clean water.
2)Fold the cup in half, then in half again to allow easy insertion
3)Stand, sit, squat, or raise one leg, whatever is the most comfortable for you - Then guide the folded cup into the ******.
4)Point the cup up and towards the back as you insert it, towards your tailbone ensuring the cup enters completely - Then Release.
5)Once you release the cup will pop open and create a seal. Simply hold the base of the cup with one hand and rotate gently to ensure the cup has opened fully. The stem should be at the entrance to the ****** and outside of your body for correct placement.

To Remove Your Athena Cup:
1)Sit on the toilet and reach up to pinch the sides of the cup allowing the suction seal to be broken.
2)Ease the cup gently out of the ****** holding the base to prevent spilling and simply dump the contents into the toilet
3)Rinse and clean your cup and re-insert if you are still on your period. If you are finished your period simply give the cup a thorough wash using warm water and a mild soap.

****You must NEVER use lubricants to insert your Cup, this can damage the soft silicone material. Exposing your Athena Cup to harsh chemicals can result in damage. You can use a diluted vinegar solution for extra cleaning but no more than 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water Enjoy your Athena Cup!

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