Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lift Wand Professional - Electrodes with wand to prevent aging

This AMAZING professional skin care kit has a lot going for it. I was a bit overwhelmed when I first got it, because while I know a LOT about natural skin care, I really have never done treatments on myself or others, before. This surely is a natural skin care option!

This was a learning curve for me, that took all of 5 minutes. Seriously! It is super easy to understand how to use it, especially with the cheatsheet they include (click on the image to enlarge it)

 It is a cool tool to have because I am in my 40s now and have started worrying about aging. I have two age spots already on my face (they are still very faint, but I can see them!) and will be using this on them on a daily basis.

There are 7 electrodes, including:

  • for your scalp (to stimulate hair growth)
  • for behind your ears where people may get acne
  • for under your eyes (to reduce dark circles and bags)
  • for your nose (to remove bacteria so blackheads won't grow)
  • for your neck (to tighten up saggy skin)
  • for cellulite (a roller to roll on your thighs and arms)
  • a main one for the rest of your face (this will be the most popular)

I also have dark circles under my eyes because of insomnia. I will use the one for my eyes on a daily basis to try and reduce that. Of course I also need to get more sleep!

This Lift Wand utilizes high frequency currents to increase blood circulation, eliminate bacteria (to help with acne) and improve skin elasticity and collagen production.

 This unit comes with a gorgeous aluminum carrying case to protect the glass electrodes. It is easy to bring with you wherever you go. Here is a picture of me using the main one on my skin. It illuminates when it is on, so I turned the bathroom light off and tried to take the picture without the flash going off, so it isn't the best picture, but you get the idea of how it works!

  • Lift Wand high frequency tool
    7 Electrodes for each specific area-Comb, Behind the Ear, Neck, Nose, Spoon, Body roller, Face
    540 needles Derma roller
    Aluminum Carrying case with secure snap

    Lift Wand Pro
    1. First make sure that the wand unplugged, make sure the electrodes are clean if not use alcohol and wait until dry before plugging into the wand
    2. Make sure the wand is turned off then insert the electrode inside the wand by sliding it in, make sure it is secure and twist to make it tighter but do not apply excessive force or glass could break.
    3. Turn on the wand and slightly twist the dial on low power, start massaging over the face and neck in circular motion. You will feel a tingling sensation on the face, use for no more than 10 seconds on one area. Start using the wand on in a circular motion from nose-right side of face-chin-left side of face-nose-forehead.
    4. Use daily and use different types of electrodes for different areas of the face, neck, chin, etc.
    5. After use be sure to sterilize the electrodes after unplugging the wand.

    Derma Roller
    1. First be sure to sterilize the roller head in alcohol for 1 minute. Required to prevent infection.
    2. Wash your face to remove oil and grime.
    3. Using a gentle pressure, roll the device back and forth 2-3 times vertically and horizontally on troubled areas of the face. You will feel a slight tingling sensation because the micro needles will make light penetration into your skin.
    4. When you finish rolling, about 3-4 minutes wash your face with a cleanser.
    5. You will notice a slight reddening of your skin. DO NOT apply any topical creams on your skin immediately after treatment. Wait at least 24 hours for your pores to close up and heal before applying.
    6. Sterilize your roller head for 1 minute alcohol.



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