Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Drying Rack - Heavy Duty and Adjustable

I received this drying rack in the mail and absolutely LOVE it!! I hang dry my clothes quite often and usually it is hanging them over the curtain rod in the shower and on the shower head! Now I can use the real deal. I wish I had this in Panama, because it would have saved me a LOT of headache.

Disclaimer: these are NOT my clothes!

This Heavy Duty Gullwing Drying Rack is adjustable and made out of rust-proof stainless steel. It has a foldable design and very sturdy.

When you fold it, it is about 3" thick and can easily slide next to the washer or dryer (not that you need a dryer anymore, haha!) to keep out of the way when you aren't using it.

You can use it outdoors AND indoors. Are you going on a long camping trip? Well, no need to hang an invisible clothesline for people to run into anymore! Just unfold this and you can dry swimsuits, clothes, etc at your campsite!

If it is raining outside, who cares! Use it indoors. No need to worry about the weather anymore.

It is only about 10 lbs and is 50" x 18" x 35.5" when fully opened.

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