Saturday, August 8, 2015

Compact LED Lantern for Camping and Emergencies

This LED lantern from Galactic Lighting is pretty nice. It has a lot of features that I like, and I will tell you about.

1. It is small. The compact design allows it to fit easily in small spaces. It won't take up too much space in your camping gear. When we were growing up we used one of those LARGE Coleman lanterns for camping. It was gas lit and we had to use one of those small propane tanks. It weighed a lot and had an actual wick inside that could cause a fire. This one is 1/10th the size, and no fire danger.

2. It is lightweight. Barely weighs anything. Unlike the older lantern I mentioned previously that weighed about 5 lbs.

3. It has a dimming rotary switch on it, and can be turned down low, and turned up super high. The brightness is unbelievable.

4. The LED bulbs will last a LONG time.

It requires 3 "AA" batteries, which aren't included. It is only about $16, and is cheap enough to buy one for each room for emergencies, and to have while you are camping.

It is made in China, but practically everything else that we buy is, as well. So don't judge that characteristic too harshly.


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