Saturday, April 4, 2015

Oral SteriClean UV Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer Review

I received the UV Portable Sanitizer and started using it this week.

I have never really given much thought to how many germs are on my toothbrush. But I came across this article on the Huffington Post that mentions:

Your toothbrush looks innocent enough sitting on your bathroom sink. But before you put it in your mouth, consider this: the average toothbrush can contain 10 million bacteria or more—including E. coli and Staph, according to a study at the University of Manchester in England. Yuck.
What's inside your mouth?
At any given time, there are 100-200 species of oral bacteria living in your mouth. “In an unbrushed mouth, there can be as many germs as a dirty bathroom floor,” says Ann Wei, DDS, a prosthodontist based in San Francisco. In addition, your toothbrush is a little bacteria magnet, attracting the little buggers from several sources: If you store your toothbrush on or next to the bathroom sink, it gets contaminated from splashing from washing hands — and whatever you are washing off your hands is getting splashed back as well.
The toilet and your toothbrush
If you really want to gag, think about what happens when you flush with the toilet lid open. Charles Gerba, Ph.D., Professor, Microbiology & Environmental Sciences, University of Arizona College of Public Health, points out that bacteria and viruses falling from toilet spray “remain airborne long enough to settle on surfaces throughout the bathroom.” An English study found that diarrhea-causing bacteria from a lidless flush flew as high as 10 inches above the toilet.
And if you drop your brush on the floor, does the five-second rule apply? Nope. It is coming into contact with toilet spray particulate that has settled there plus anything else that has been tracked in on people’s feet.

So that is where this UV toothbrush sanitizer comes in. You stick your toothbrush in it, close the lid and the UVC light automatically comes on. After about 5 minutes, it automatically shuts off, and your toothbrush is properly sanitized! You can store your toothbrush in the case (which I have been doing).

This sanitizer is proven to kill harmful bacteria -- the bacteria that can cause infectious diseases, heart disease, stroke, respiratory infections, blood infections, ulcers, GI tract infections, gum disease, cavities & more.

One of the cool things about this is that it is SO perfect to use while traveling.

It comes ready to use -- you just have to get some AAA batteries and pop them in.

You can purchase it here.

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