Saturday, April 4, 2015

Benign tumor... GONE!

I am thrilled, to say the least. In July 2011 I went to an ENT because my throat felt swollen (found out it was silent reflux, but that is another story) and I was experiencing horrible vertigo. I am not a stranger to vertigo because it happens frequently to me, but only lasts a second or two... on occasion it will get worse (but then get better after a few days). This time, it was lasting weeks without any relief, so I finally went in to the doctor.

He requisitioned an MRI for me, and then when I had the followup appointment, I was told that I had some issues that were identified, not related to the vertigo attacks, and I was sent to a neurologist.

They found a tumor and the beginning of demyelination! I was extremely worried. And even when my life is calm I still worry, so this was just another added stress to my life. 

The tumor was benign. It was not a concern to the neurologist because it was small. If it grew then it could cause issues. So he told me to watch it, if anything changes (symptom wise) then make an appointment. Otherwise, get another comparison MRI in a couple years.

MRI showing the "tumor".
Anyway, it has been almost 4 years since that MRI, and I have done a few things since then to change my diet and lifestyle.

And on Monday, I went to get another MRI to see how it was going. When I met with the neurologist a couple weeks ago (now that I am back in the states I made an appointment to followup), I explained how I had a benign, small tumor and some demyelination, and wanted to make sure it stayed small, or that it was gone. I told him I actually think that it is gone!

He told me that would be very rare, for it to be gone. Nonetheless, I told him I felt that it would be. I even told the technician performing the MRI that I think everything will be perfectly normal this time around.

And guess what? It WAS! No demyelination and no tumor! He was surprised, but happy for me. He said "you knew it in your gut that things were fine, not enough people listen to their gut". I actually would recommend him to anyone because he was caring, understanding, and very pleasant. I think neurologists have to be, by nature, because they deal with patients who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, and in those cases, it is the loved ones and caretakers they mostly deal with, which takes a special kind of person to see the trauma that the loved ones go through. (We are experiencing that in my family, with my stepmom with late stage fronto temporal dementia right now).

Here is a list of what I did, however I cannot say that these are what made the issues disappear.

1. Removed gluten from my diet.
2. Removed processed sugar from my diet
3. Switched to raw dairy
4. Used my detox foot pads on my toes (correlating to my head and brain to detox anything that )
5. Started using the RIGHT form of B12 -- adenosylcobalamin (if you are taking B12 as a supplement and it says cyanocobalamin as the source -- you should throw that out right now!) Here is an article with references to adenosylcobalamin form of B12 repairing the myelin sheath!! This is HUGE!

I just want to share my joy. Thank you for listening!

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