Thursday, April 9, 2015

These Testosterone Pills Didn't Live Up To Their Claim

My husband has been feeling exhausted for well over a year. While I also feel exhausted, mine is caused by adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism, and I have a plan of action. However, I don't know what is causing the exhaustion in my husband. He has no energy. All his labs have come back normal.

So he told me he would try these testosterone pills that are purported to give more energy.

The problem is, even after taking them as directed for 3 weeks, he still doesn't feel like he has enough energy, and he still can sleep more than 12 hours a day and be tired. (No, he isn't getting TOO MUCH sleep).

I think his issue has to do with his sinuses. He is finally going in for surgery in 2 weeks, because his nasal passageways and his sinus cavity is super deformed. One side effect of this is a type of sleep apnea that is hardly noticeable. His oxygen levels seem to always be around 92%, so I suspect it has to do with this.

Nonetheless, as a result these pills didn't do anything for him. So here I am, supposed to review them but honestly they didn't work on my husband. They may work for some people. But it wasn't the case with us.

If you want to purchase them, or check them out on Amazon, here is the link.

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