Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Multi-purpose lantern

I received this camping lantern and fell in love. Not only does it look sharp, but it has a ton of features to it!

 Let me tell you all the features that this lantern has:

1. Light. This has a regular light and an extra bright light. It also has a solid red light and a flashing red strobe. You can toggle through each setting with the push of the button in the front.

2. Batteries and more batteries. There are rechargeable lithium ion batteries that go in the bottom, and there are regular AA batteries that you can put in the top. If you have both of them in, fully charged, the light appears so much brighter! (I LOVE that it comes with batteries).

3. Charging station. It comes with a USB/Micro USB adapter cord. You can do a few things with this -- you can charge the lithium ion batteries with your laptop, for example.... you can charge your cell phone or other Micro USB personal electronics like MP3 player or tablet, by plugging it into the lantern and charging!! Super cool for when you are camping for sure!

4. It comes with some clips to hang it, and the lantern turns on by pulling it up and "opening it". You turn it off by closing it so it becomes compact in size.

  I love these types of products because I am so used to the power going out in our house, and we used to always go camping. We just bought a tent and we are gathering more camping supplies now, so we can go this summer. I am super excited, and will have this at the campsite for sure.

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