Sunday, March 1, 2015

Totally Amazing Natural Deodorant - GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!

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Purelygreat is a Canadian company that provides all natural handcrafted products. I was able to review their deodorant -- an unscented variety and the lavender cream scent.

There are only three ingredients used in this deodorant, and then the added essential oils for the ones that are not unscented.

One of the things that will probably be the most unusual for you is the application. It is not in a normal deodorant stick -- you have to use your fingers to apply. That is fine by me!

I have not used anti-perspirant for years, because of the toxic ingredients that can cause increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease (the aluminum!!)

So I have been using either the mineral spray (without alunimum) or the Pit Stick from my friend who makes it. I also have done just plain neuralizer gel with essential oils (also using my fingers to apply), and even using a squeezed lime (which works surprisingly well!)

What I have found is that Purelygreat deodorant WORKS....  Here is my experience:

1. I put it on before using far infrared wraps that make you sweat like crazy. I did sweat a lot, but DID NOT SMELL!!

2. It has baking soda as an ingredient, but even after shaving, I have no irritation at all.

3. I smell my armpits in the morning (truly!) and found that I can put this on every other day! (Sometimes I shower every other day, but sometimes I do shower twice a day, like yesterday when I showered in the morning, and then showered after I did the far infrared wraps).

4. It actually smells GREAT! I have used the lavender scent and will have my husband try the unscented kind, and if that works, I will get him the men's version.

5. You only use a tiny bit! It spreads easily.

6. You want to stir it with a tiny spoon or stick (toothpick or skewer?) first, as it is all natural and sometimes the ingredients tend to separate without any toxic binding agents.

7. You still will sweat, you just won't smell

8. It doesn't stain your underams in your shirts!

More information about Purelygreat deodorant:
  • All natural, no synthetic fragrances that doesn't plug your pores.
  • Safe and effective for the whole family
  • Vegan
  • Unscented product is for sensitive skin
  • With daily use it will last 2-3 months (for me it will last longer since I don't need to use it every day, I am guessing at least 4 months!)

So, try Purelygreat deodorant today! You can buy it here.

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Winners will be chosen on March 8th -- next Sunday!! So good luck!!! 

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  1. I'm using a stick of brand name deodorant I got for free after coupons. I'd really like to try some natural deodorant, though.

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  3. I use the Lavanilla brand, which I love, but always up for trying something new and all natural.

  4. I make my own and love it. Would love to try this too.

  5. I make my own deodorant but haven't found a recipe I love. I would love to try this!

  6. I use Toms and I smell 😭 I need something new!!