Friday, March 13, 2015

Origami Is Hard, But FUN

Once I got this Orchid Origami Paper, I invited my friend's 11 and 13 year old daughters over to my house to play with me! What fun we had.

There were so many bright colors, 10 different ones, and there were 50 sheets of each color.

We had fun folding the paper as you can see from these pictures.

But I have to admit that it was HARD! It wasn't as easy as it looks.

I printed some instructions of different shapes and creatures to make -- there were some very intricate instructions for things like dragons and ninjas! We could not figure out half of them, and stuck to the easy items like 3D hearts and even a frog!

The requisite paper crane was made, and a lot of fun was had.

The origami paper is white on one side, and colored on the other. This really helps when folding! It is inexpensive, and there are enough to go around, so have a party and let all your friends start making origami!

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