Thursday, February 12, 2015

Turmeric The Super Herb

I love all the benefits of turmeric. The compounds inside turmeric are called curcuminoids, of which you are probably familiar with curcumin. While it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is a strong antioxidant, the curcumin content of turmeric itself is not very high... so while it is still nice to eat turmeric / curcumin in your food as a spice, you won't be getting the therapeutic levels you probably are looking for.

Which is why it is important to supplement with turmeric if you are looking for health benefits. The spice from the plant contains about 3% curcuminoids, and True Synergy Turmeric contains 95% curcumindoids.

I personally have used turmeric to help fight inflammation in my body. It has been known to be about as effective as taking other OTC anti-inflammatory drugs and has helped people with arthritis.

Another benefit of turmeric is the antioxidant properties. Turmeric will destroy the free radicals in your body and can help you fight against viruses and colds that come your way.

Also, turmeric may be beneficial for brain health, and heart health. The risk factors seem to increase every day with our daily living, and so giving ourselves another tool in our arsenal to protect against these diseases, is awesome. We definitely want to try to avoid Alzheimer's disease, as it is one of the worst things that could happen.

Some people have said that turmeric also may help prevent and/or treat cancer. Can it also treat depression? Some studies have shown that it may be effective in treating depression.

So, why should you buy True Synergy Turmeric?

• Powerful Antioxidant
• Potent Anti-Inflammatory
• May help prevent diseases like Alzheimer's

• Supports Joint, Heart & Brain Health

Support Your Body with this all natural Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant Miracle herb.

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