Friday, February 27, 2015

Really Cool Therapy Cold/Hot Brace for Ankles, Elbows or Knees

This is a really neat Hot/Cold Brace from Acu-Life! It offers a unique 3 in 1 design -- it can easily fit your ankle, elbow or knee. When I first got it I didn't believe it would really fit all three joints comfortably... but it does!

You can use it for hot or cold therapy. For the cold therapy it can help reduce swelling and inflammation. It is useful even for tendonitis or bursitis, sprains and strains.

You will want to keep it in the freezer to use it as ice therapy.

The heat can be used for sore muscles, tightness and cramping. You can just stick it in the microwave for this.

The brace can help protect a soft tissue injury, such as a sprain or strain, while it heals.

It is a pretty cool, multi-purpose item to have in your first aid kit (or just keep it in your freezer for quick use as needed).

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