Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Food Babe Way - Get Yours Now!

I felt so lucky when The Food Babe sent me a pre-release copy of her new book, The Food Babe Way, which will be released February 10, 2015! I have not finished reading it but should be done within the next week. However, I am in love with it!

She is such a role model for me. I have been following the Food Babe for about 4 years now, and really love how much energy she has for the things that she believes in -- and consequently, they are things I believe in, too!

But, I don't have the stamina that Vani, the Food Babe has, to spearhead these causes. So I am standing behind her, and want to help spread her message.

 You can buy the book here:

 Here are my comments about the book so far:

1. On my way home tonight I stopped by Sprouts Market and picked up some cayenne pepper. Just this morning I took a lemon juice ice cube (we previously squeezed a dozen lemons and made ice cubes out of the juice so that it would be easy to pop in to some water). This morning I put a lemon juice ice cube into some hot water and added a teeny bit of pure organic stevia to sweeten. It was delicious. Tomorrow I am going to add the cayenne pepper! This is just one tip that she gave in her book that I am going to start doing!

The benefits of drinking warm lemon water with cayenne first thing in the morning is to clean your liver, and give your digestion a boost to start the day. I sure need that!

2. The Food Babe really knows how to get to the real issues, and shares some great tips on how to start if you are new to this, or even some great ideas if you aren't such a newb. For example, I have been eating real food for years now, and even use non-toxic personal care products and products for my home. But I am definitely not perfect. In her 21 days challenge in the book, one thing she recommends is to stop drinking a beverage with your meals! I always seem to have a beverage when I eat, so even I have room for improvement!

3. The book is such an easy read! I know I will definitely be done with it within the next 5 days. (I have more time to read on the weekends...) You don't need to know any scientific terminology, and she gets right to the point. It won't waste your time at all, and you will learn a ton of information.

Vani, the Food Babe, is amazing. She is a huge role model and teacher for all of us who want to live a healthier lifestyle. She is a great activist and willing to stand up for what she believes is right -- facing huge conglomerates like Kraft and Subway -- so that we as consumers can know what is in our food! She also is beautiful!

Buy the book here. It is not only a great read, it also is one that you will want to keep forever. That is why I recommend the hard cover edition instead of the eBook edition. You will want to earmark pages and write notes, and it is easier to do with a physical copy.

You can visit The Food Babe blog HERE.

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