Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Yay! The Dentist Said My Teeth Were Amazing!

Today I went to the dentist for the first time since 2012 for a cleaning and exam. It isn't like I purposefully went without seeing a dentist, as I DID make an appointment for a cleaning and exam while we were living in Panama.

Here is how it went:

I emailed for an appointment and was confirmed a date and time for my husband and I to come in. The dentist gave us her phone number and said she would see us then (she had limited English knowledge, and we had no Spanish knowledge, but the appointment was made).

We show up at the appointed time. The place is locked and dark inside. There are two other people waiting outside. They both have appointments at the same time. We went to the store next door and they said "oh, she (meaning the dentist) went to the city today, and she will be back about 45 minutes late).

We left.

We didn't try again while we were in Panama.

Now we are back in the states. We got a Groupon for a dentist that uses digital x-rays (I usually get dental x-rays every 3-5 years, my last x-rays were at the end of 2011 - a little over 4 years) so we got the Groupon and I made the appointments.

And for more than 3 years I have been making my own homemade toothpaste. I don't use anything commercial for my teeth except dental floss. I also oil pull. Not every morning but about 5x a week...

Nonetheless, today when the dentist told me my teeth were in EXCELLENT condition and to keep doing what I was doing, I felt great.

I LOVE it when I choose a natural alternative and get rewarded!!

Before, the history of my dental health was not necessarily a good one. I had cavities as a child, as a teenager and even as an adult. I have on average had a small cavity about once every 2-3 years since in my 20s. I have had a total of 3 root canals. One of the root canals ended up being a pulled tooth (couldn't be saved) and now in its place is a dental implant.

But my last dental exam was good, too! I hadn't been making my own toothpaste at that time but I was using a fluoride free toothpaste that I got at Trader Joe's.

In fact, my last TWO dental exams (2011 and 2012) were perfect. I had some tartar buildup, but not much. The hygienist told me today that I had about the same amount as someone who comes in once a year. I LOVE PRAISE LIKE THIS! Seriously. I take my health pretty serious and so these are my ego boosters.

My conclusions are that you don't need fluoride for great dental health as long as you take care of yourself and eat well. I try to be 100% gluten free and processed sugar free. I have the celiac's gene so the gluten free eating is important to me but occasionally something sneaks its way in. I am pretty sure that helped, too! When I am not eating sugar or drinking soda pops or juices, my mouth will reap the benefits.

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