Friday, December 19, 2014

Thyroid, Adrenals and Neurotransmitters -- What Comes First: The Chicken or the Egg?

I was just thinking about my thyroid issues, and how they suck. But it is a chain reaction of health issues that I am dealing with that stem from genetic mutations.

I still don't understand it all, and look forward to moving back to the US next week(Yippee!) so that I can meet with a doctor who understands epigenetics and can deal with my issues!

So, to sum it up --- I have thyroid issues that are hard to treat. I have ultimately been hypothyroid for so many years, and then after being mis-diagnosed for over 10 years I finally was diagnosed! Seriously -- if a patient comes in to your clinic and has ALL the signs of hypothyroidism, and you (the doctor) take the TSH test and say "you don't have thyroid issues" and recommends an anti-depressant -- there is something wrong with the medical community!!!! I am NOT depressed. Just because I come into the doctor's office and complain about various health ailments and how bad I feel does NOT make me "depressed". That is the SOLE PURPOSE of going to the doctor's office, right? To tell them of your symptoms?

Anyway, I finally got a doctor who did the correct tests: reverse T3, free T3, T4, free T4, thyroid antibodies, iron, Vitamin D, etc etc. You can find a good list of tests that you need, minimum, here.

And boy was I super hypothyroid!!

But, he also diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue -- and so such is my introduction to the life of adrenal issues, and what the symptoms are. These symptoms are ones that I recognized over 20 years ago in myself... so my adrenal issues started well before my hypothyroid symptoms started, and we believe they were a contributing factor to the thyroid issues.

But here's the kicker: I can't seem to heal my adrenals... why? Because of my genetic mutations that I just found out about this past year! I have the COMT/MAO genetic mutation, which makes my body produce adrenaline as if I am in fight or flight mode 24/7! Because of the imbalance of neurotransmitters in my body as a result of these mutations, it is imperative that I fix and balance THESE first. Click here to read more about genetic anxiety.

Then, once that is under control, I can address my adrenal issue, and then I am pretty sure my thyroid will take care of itself.

I am doing everything to support my thyroid and adrenals naturally -- through diet (which includes avoiding soy, gluten, fluoride, bromide, chlorine), and eating the right supportive nutritive foods, and taking the adaptogenic herbs as supplements. I am supporting my endocrine system with selenium, iodine and tons of Himalayan pink salt. I am not using any chemicals in my beauty products or cleaning products.

So, once I get the neurotransmitter tests done and figure out how to balance them out in my body and decrease the adrenaline production, I think I will be golden!!!

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