Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Multi-vitamin Review - Vitamins and Minerals in the Right Combinations at the Right Time

The Balanced Trio multi-vitamins are a very unique concept that consists of three formulas specifically created for taking in the morning, in the midday and in the evening. They contain all the essential vitamins and minerals, along with OMEGA 3s, Co-Q10, additional antioxidants and plant-based compounds and micronutrients.

Here are the three reasons why you shouldn't put all the nutrients together in one pill and call it a day:

So you would receive 3 bottles with each order.
  1. A morning formula that delivers antioxidants and vitamins that help your body start the day.
  2. A midday formula that delivers nutrients that support your body during the day, to be taken with lunch.
  3. Evening formula includes minerals, B-vitamins and herbs that help your body to relax in the evening and promote restful sleep.
I LOVE this concept. However, while most everything about it is fine, it appears that at least some of the vitamins are synthetic. For example, it has cyanocobalamin as the form of B-12. This is a synthetic version that up to 40% of the population cannot convert to its active form due to methylation issues or MTHFR gene mutations. Same with folic acid. That is the synthetic form of B-9, and especially pregnant women who have the MTHFR gene mutation are prone to miscarriage... what they really need is methylfolate, the active form of the vitamin (please note that those without these genetic issues should have no problems with folic acid, but so many millions of people WITH these issues don't even know they have these issues, so it is tricky).

The company does use P-5-P which is the active form (and most useable) of B-6.

I do like EVERYTHING about this formula except the folic acid and cyanocobalamin. I like that it is non-gmo, I like that it is made in the USA, and the minerals are chelated. I like that it has molybdenum and that it has ConcenTrace (one of my favorite trace mineral supplements).

If they didn't use synthetic vitamins, then this would probably be the #1 vitamin supplement in the world... :)

UPDATE: They have upgraded their supplement to contain folate and methylcobalamin, so this is fantastic. I think that they really have a great thing going here! I am impressed.



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