Sunday, February 28, 2010

When I got my mercury fillings taken out of my mouth

I had about 8 fillings in my mouth, starting from childhood. So I wanted to get the metal out of my mouth, and about 5 years ago, I did. It was an arduous process, but I constantly was getting headaches, had a metallic taste in my mouth all the time, and was over fatigued. So I went about researching how to best do this. I found a holistic dentist in Hopkins, MN thanks to the DAMS organization (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) And, to my own luck, they were located here in the twin cities.

I did a few things to prepare for the mercury removal from my mouth:

1. Megadosed on vitamin C and Chlorella 3 days prior and the morning of
2. Wore my detox foot pads during and after the mercury removal
3. I did one quadrant of my mouth at a time
4. They used a rubber dam in my mouth. Regular dentists will NOT use this just to replace a filling. They normally only use this for root canals. But it helps prevent the mercury dust particles to go into the inner linings of your gums and cheeks, and soak right into your blood stream. (many research articles tout the benefits of taking certain vitamins and minerals sublingually, because it absorbs so much quicker, in your mouth... well, same goes for mercury dust the dentists are drilling out of your teeth!)

The change I felt was not immediate, although the metal taste in my mouth disappeared right away. It took about a week for me to notice a big difference.

I did have a few things that went wrong, during the process. It is true that composite fillings are more sensitive, and if you have sensitive teeth already, then you run the risk of having even more sensitive teeth after the metal fillings are replaced. Another thing that can go wrong, and did for me, is that one of my fillings ran very deep. It was very close to the root/nerves. As a result, the nerve died and I ended up with a root canal. This is something that I never wanted to happen, and I knew the risk. But I also did not want the mercury in my mouth anymore.

If I had it to do over again, there is a small chance that I would have chosen to leave that one particularly tooth alone, and do the other 7 ones.

Another added bonus is that when I open my mouth in a huge wide "O" -- all you see are white, pretty teeth there!! You don't see any silver, etc. I love the look of a clean, white mouth.

Heavy metal toxicity is rampant in our society. It is destroying our health. My detox foot patches, from Purify Your Body, detox the heavy metals out of your body -- including mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, etc. For your health, you definitely want to use them!!!

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