Saturday, February 20, 2010

Detox your body -- get rid of all the chemicals and plastic by products!

I am wondering how much plastic seeps into your bottled water if you re-use the bottle over and over. Probably a lot. And some plastics mimic estrogen, wreaking havoc inside your body. Maybe those stainless steel water bottles have some use after all.  I wish they were easier to drink out of though, I love the sport top plastic bottles.

At least my detox foot pads pull out the plastic by products like the ones leeched into your body via water, food, etc.

I can't imagine how bad BPA is for you, and how prevalent it is in every day things that we use in our daily lives. For instance, canned foods are lined on the inside with BPA. And you can imagine how much gets leeched into the food.

And, how many of us use a teflon frying pan that has scrapes on it? The teflon is scratched? That is almost the worst possible thing for you, and you should get rid of that pan right away, and detox your body as soon as possible!

Speaking of pots and pans, how many use aluminum pans to cook with? It just isn't worth saving a buck and purchasing the cheap aluminum pots and pans, when you are exposing yourself and your family to aluminum, the number one cause of alzheimer's disease! That is a very scary disease, and no one should have to suffer from it. So please, take care of yourself and detox your body of heavy metals now!

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