Monday, February 15, 2010

Do magnets work on pain? Here is my experience.

I have to tell you my experience with a powerful magnet. I used to suffer from dreadful migraines. They were debilitating. Well, about 10 years ago I was scheduled to have an MRI (I have a hearing loss in my inner ear and the ENT wanted to make sure there wasn't a tumor pressing down on the inner ear - yes, my equilibrium is that bad normally!) The morning I was scheduled to go to the medical center for the MRI, I had one of the most horrific migraine attacks I have ever experienced.

I went to my appointment anyway. My husband (ex-husband now) took me. If you have ever had an MRI you know there is a loud knocking sound associated with it. I did not know how I was going to bear it. But I somehow did.

Now what I experienced was one of a kind. I have never experienced this before, nor since. When I got out of the MRI machine, my migraine was completely gone. And, it didn't come back! Granted, that is an expensive migraine treatment. I continued to have migraine attacks for 5 more years. Then, I heard about the detox foot pads. Until then, I never even heard of them. I put them on my feet, on the bottoms of my toes. It was like a leaky faucet - so much goo came out, it was crazy. After doing this consistently for a while, I realized my regular migraine attacks didn't happen anymore. It was a life-altering experience.

I am very grateful for this. That is the biggest reason why I started Purify Your Body and have never regretted it. So many of my customers have gotten immense relief from their migraines as a result of the detox foot pads.

Try them! You will see a difference!