Monday, February 15, 2010


I am battling hypothyroidism. It is very frustrating when I am working out and eating good, healthy food, yet the weight still creeps up on me. I have decided not to take any medication. Instead, I am focusing on a few different things.

First, I am taking Thyromin from Young Living. It has adrenal and endocrine support, along with iodine and pituitary support. I am also using the Thyroid program from Mother Earth Minerals. I am very grateful for this, as my friend, Beth, has gifted me with these wonderful supplements. She sells homeopathic HcG and the ability to lose weight quickly works (if you don't suffer from hypothyroid issues).

It is a fallacy that you can lose X amount of pounds if you exercise and burn x times 3500 calories. Especially since many of us have thyroid issues. Where did my thyroid issues stem from? I did some research and realized that fluoride and bromides basically mimic iodine... when you are exposed to these toxins, your thyroid gland absorbs them to saturation. Then, when iodine (or iodide) is introduced to your body, your thyroid gland does not use it because it is already saturated, thinking it has enough already. And, it ends up not having the iodine our bodies need, to function correctly. I am simplifying this process, but it is easier to understand that way.

So, it is more than just supplementing with a good iodine product. It is decreasing your exposure to these other toxins, and detoxing your body as well.

I have been selling my own brand of detox foot pads for over 5 years now. But in the past 2 years I have rarely used them. I had been using them faithfully for over 6 years, and they had come clean in the mornings, so I started just using them on weekends. Then, I stopped using them on weekends. So my body slowly started accumulating toxins again. Purify Your Body detox foot pads are the highest quality foot pad on the market. There are only 2 other brands that equal mine in quality. But because I do this as a side business, I do not have to sell them at an extremely high price, and I occasionally have sales. So, you get the highest quality for the lowest price.

So, the past couple weeks I have been using the foot pads again. I am also detoxing by using the Far Infrared Sauna in my basement. I do supplement with minerals -- that is important because you will sweat out the bad stuff AND the good stuff.

My basal body temperature is slowly rising, which is a sign that the hypothyroidism is improving. I will be satisfied when it is consistently above 97.7 degrees first thing in the morning. When I first started, it was 96.4 +/- .2 degrees for 3 days. (I averaged).
I will definitely post updates as time goes by.