Thursday, February 18, 2010

Raw Milk, Detox Foot Pads and NutraSilver.

It is good to know I am putting only good stuff in my body... many people consume more calories and empty calories via fluids than they do foods. I'll save my calories for foods!! And the raw milk that I drink is so amazing. Sometimes when I am not super hungry for dinner, I just drink a glass of raw milk -- we get it here in Minnesota from Kalisch Family Farms.

My goal this weekend is to use the detox foot pads 3 times. I need to get back into the rhythm of detoxing.

Another thing that I am doing is creating a brochure for NutraSilver. That has been a huge seller on my website. I just started selling it a couple months ago and now I ship out a ton of bottles every week! It is sad to know how many morgellons sufferers there are out there. I wish I knew a cure so I could pass it on to my customers.

Have a great day!

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