Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nice Crossbow

What a fantastic bow!

First off, it is a nice looking hunting bow. I like that it comes with a scope. But please bear in mind I am not an expert. I am just a layman who really loves bows, and I especially love crossbows. My husband put it together, and the instructions were very hard to understand. But we got it.

Then, we started test shooting. It came with 4 arrows. We shot three of them and each one of them bent, one of them even broke! We figured it out that it was because we were aiming for something in the dirt (an old volleyball) but we kept hitting the hard ground. This is powerful, so you want to aim for something softer, so it can penetrate.

The scope was pretty accurate, and we were aiming for a ball (volleyball, old, dirty, etc) in the dirt mound beyond our property, and both my husband and I got super close -- just a little bit under where it was. Once we get our straw bales up (we got them tonight) we will be able to shoot a better target!

We took a video of my husband loading the arrows, and then there is a picture of the arrows -- three of them we have shot, and the 4th one we haven't used yet. We need to go get more arrows. Man, if only I had some decent fletching skills!! I think it would be great to be able to make your own arrows. 

If you buy this, you will be getting a decent bow, but be careful with the arrows -- be sure to hit things that are softer, not harder. For example, if you go hunting and hit a deer, you will be fine. But if you hit an Oak tree your arrow might bend. That is why the scope and accurate aim is important! 

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