Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lightweight and Compact Sleeping Bag

I give this sleeping bag a 5-star rating. I got it to review, and was thrilled! 

My 5-star rating is based on the following:

1. This is inexpensive for its weight class and temperature rating
2. It is SUPER lightweight and doesn't take up much room.

If you consider those factors, this is a fabulous bag. It is lightweight, so it is great for backpackers who are under 5'10". I say that because in the picture above, my 5'9" husband was modeling for me, he went inside the sleeping bag and we zipped it up. He put his arms in the bag as well. He weighs 200 lbs and sleeps on his back. In the picture, his feet are touching the bottom and his head is out of the bag (he is covering it up because he didn't want to show his face, silly man).

Some factors to consider: It is inexpensive, so the materials / stitching are probably not going to last through a lot of rough wear and tear. I can see kids rough housing at a sleepover and tearing the bag. So just be aware of that.

If you need a sleeping bag to keep in your car, or to take hiking or backpacking, or keep in your boat, or wherever, where space is limited and weight is restricted, then this is your bag.

If you are looking for a durable, long lasting high quality bag that will be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear, this is not your bag. Just keep that in mind when you are searching. I have a zero degree high quality bag for when I am camping all year round, and it is actually a bit too hot for me in the summer, so this will work perfect for me.


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