Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lightweight and Compact Mummy Sleeping Bag

This is a very SOFT and comfy sleeping bag. Well, let me get it off my chest first that I do not like mummy bags at all, as I feel too confined in the sleeping bag to ever get comfortable. Other than that, it is comfy. It feels good to lay on it. 

It also is extremely lightweight, and very compact. 

It appears to be well built and good quality, as well. And it can be used for many things, including emergency preparedness, backpacking, boy scouts, camping, and sleepovers.

As you can see from these pictures, my 95# dog is taking a nap in it. I laid it out on the floor to test it and take photos, and he burrowed in it and fell asleep. I had to use these pictures for this post because he is so cute and he makes a good model. 

This sleeping bag is rated to as low as 30 degrees F. While I have not tested it at that temperature, and don't ever plan to, I do recommend that you not use this in the middle of winter outside. I think that it should be fine for Spring through Fall.

The material is made out of polyester, with the fill being cotton. It easily rolls back up into the tiny bag, to be used for whatever purpose. Maybe leave it in your trunk just in case?? It is not expensive, only around $30.


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