Sunday, February 14, 2016

Archery as a Sport is Becoming Super Popular

Robin Hood. The Ranger class in my MMORPG game. And now Katniss Everdeen. For as long as I can remember, as a kid growing up, my favorite "weapon" of choice was a bow and arrow. It was so cool, and looks awesome!! And to this day I still get teased by my siblings about my favorite movie, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. And I really enjoyed the Hunger Games movies as well. And I will skip over any detailed mention of when I played Everquest, haha! 

Anyway, I got the opportunity to try out and review this 50-70lb draw weight compound bow from Leader Accessories. 

And as you see, this is not me that is in these pictures or the video. It is my husband. Because I had shoulder surgeries and for the life of me, haven't gotten my complete strength back yet. So I am unable to draw the arrow back yet. We adjusted it down to 50 lbs. It was super simple to adjust. 

And so my husband got to have a lot of fun with it, target practice in our backyard. And I got to watch how perfect he looks. 

The bow is extremely comfortable in my hands, it is not too heavy, but super strong. It is a camouflage color which makes it easy if you go hunting. This definitely can be a hunter's bow, if you do like bow hunting.

My husband is left handed and he felt comfortable using it. He holds it like a right handed person would, though. 

Here is a video of how smooth the arrow flies off the bow:

This bow is surely a lot of fun! Archery is becoming a ton of fun thanks to The Hunger Games, lots of the teenagers these days are super into it! This is a great bow to get (not for younger kids because they are unable to draw the bow.... and even some older kids might not be able to. Just keep that in mind).

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