Thursday, September 17, 2015

Callus Remover Better Than Ped Egg

I received this Electric Callus Remover by Cinderella's Secret and couldn't wait to try it out. The first person I used this on was my husband. After years of scaling his feet with the ped egg, I hadn't touched his feet for probably 6 months. So he was a willing candidate for me to try this out on.

The outside of his right foot has some super hard calluses on.

Honestly, once we were in Mexico on vacation and we went to get pedicures. I got him to agree to go because I told him "they massage your feet and calves". Well, they did for me... not for him. Instead, they used the time to use an implement like a carrot peeler, and PEEL the skin off his calluses! NO JOKE! His feet were baby soft afterward (the only bonus) but he didn't get his massage and his feet were super sensitive that he couldn't walk without pain.

So, we are very careful with his feet now, no more carrot peelers used on his feet.

And I have been wanting to get one of these for the longest time. I got it and immediately used it on him.

When you press hard, the motor stops, so you can't go too hard. But it is effective enough with lightly touching the soles of your feet. It is very relaxing as well.

The foot dust collects at the base of the tip. (That sounds weird, but the tip of it where the rotating stone is, there is a base under it). It also comes with a brush to dust it off (when you dump it, it doesn't just dump out, the brush is needed to clean it out).

It comes with extra rotating stones as well as a cover.

And, IT COMES WITH BATTERIES! I LOVE it when batteries are included.

I give this 5 stars without a doubt. My husband is a happy man with soft feet!

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