Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Protect Your Ears

We like to go shooting up in the canyon or at the shooting range. It is a good sport, and fun competition to see who can eat up the center of the target.

But anytime when you are shooting guns, you need to protect your hearing and your ears. That is where this set of noise cancelling ear protection muffs come in.

They are extremely affordable, and can be used for other loud activities, not just for shooting. If you are working construction you might also like a pair of these.

They fold in half for super easy storage, but also are very comfortable and fit themselves automatically to your head when you put them on. My husband fits them and he has a bigger head than I do, but they also fit me perfectly as well.

And here is my target from shooting my 9mm ruger! You can see that I need more practice! Most of the time women tend to have better aim and a steadier hand with a handgun, and the men are better with shotguns (more accurate) and rifles. At least that is how it is in my family!

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