Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crystal Wash: No Dyes. No Chemicals. No Perfumes. Clean Clothes - GIVEAWAY!

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This is NO JOKE. These Crystal Wash "balls" are AMAZING. I could not believe it myself, not at all. I mean, it is hard to think that we can get our clothes clean without any soap at all, right? But we can!

How does it work? How does a "ball" with little crystals inside make a difference? 



It's all about the pH!

The pH level of laundry water affects how your clothes get clean. If the water is either overly acidic or overly alkaline it can damage delicate articles of clothing, cause bright colors to fade, and cause clothing to still seem dirty even after washing (the "tinge"). Most detergents on the market have a pH level between 6.5 – 9, but they have to use chemicals to achieve these levels.

The logic behind Crystal Wash is that the Bio Ceramics provide two key benefits in the laundry water...

1. Deep Cleaning: They produce far infrared rays that effectively reduce negative ions in the water of your laundry machine, which raises pH level to 8.5 or greater. This process shrinks the water molecule clusters to a size that allows dirts and soils to be soaked free naturally.  
2. Disinfecting: Additionally, the Bio Ceramics create Hydrogen Peroxide which disinfects the clothes, kills bacteria and odor. 
These special Bio Ceramics were developed using various minerals with very effective antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties.

I was able to successfully clean my clothes! Both my whites and my colors! I was amazed. I have been using my homemade laundry soap for years, and while it gets the job done, it isn't anything amazing. I also used soap nuts and they worked decent, too.

But these Crystal Wash Balls got minor stains out (we really don't have many stained clothes to try it out on) and boy oh boy did it get the smells out! Everything was fresh and clean.

I have a Norwex cloth that I use in the kitchen, but it tends to always have a musty smell, even after washing. It was the first thing I smelled when I took the load out of the dryer.... and it smelled AWESOME! No funky smell to it. I am sold! (I use dryer balls, not dryer sheets as the dryer sheets are super toxic).

Definitely a way to save money!

They are only about $50 and they last for 1,000 loads. For me that is almost 5 years!

This is great for:
  • Those with multiple chemical sensitivities or allergies to detergents, such as babies who get rashes due to the laundry soap used on their clothing
  • Folks who want to live a cleaner lifestyle with less toxins
  • People who want to be environmentally friendly
  • "Preppers" who want a re-usable way to clean laundry off-grid
  • People who want to save money!


Time for a GIVEAWAY!!

If you would like to enter, all you have to do is comment below telling me how many loads of laundry you do per week, and then visit their Facebook page and "like" it. 

We will choose a winner on March 7th (Saturday). Good luck!!!


  1. I do about 7 loads of laundry a week. Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I do about five or six loads a week!

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  4. I'm not really sure... Probably 10.

  5. I do about 6 loads a week. My teenagers do their own laundry and they probably do 1 -2 loads a week.

  6. I do anywhere fro 10-14 loads per week.

  7. I do about 6-7 loads per week, on monday!

  8. Each week I wash 6 loads of laundry. Thank you!!

  9. We do about 6 or 7 loads each week. These look amazing!

  10. We do four. Small family so far :-)

  11. We do four. Small family so far :-)

  12. I do around 12 loads during the week & up to 17 during the summer. Boys, sports & water don't mix!

  13. I do about 10 to 35 loads per week - not kidding. My 84 year old grandma lives with me plus my husband and our 3 kids and our big gross fur-baby. <3

  14. This sounds great, would love to try them!

  15. I do at least 10 loads a week :)