Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Purify Your Body Detox Foot Pads Ingredients and The Benefits

Many people ask me about what the specific ingredients do in my foot pads for detox. Let's start by sharing what my ingredients are.

Detox Foot Pad Ingredients:

  • Oak Vinegar, 5%
  • Bamboo Vinegar, 16%
  • Tourmaline, 10%
  • Houttyunia Cordata, 7%
  • Eucalyptus, 22%
  • Chitosan, 10%
  • Agicarus Mushroom, 20%
  • Saururus Chinensis, 10%
The foot pads are 5 grams each, and the ingredients make up the whole foot pad. There are absolutely no fillers. Common fillers to watch out for are Dextrin, Vegetable Fiber and Cornstarch. They all are basic starch, that, while it has some absorbing properties, it is really a cheap filler that decreases the potency of the foot pad. I use chitosan as an absorber, and it absorbs over 400x its weight in impurities and toxins, so there is no need for a cheap filler, and no need for me to promote it as an absorber.

Oak Vinegar. This vinegar is traditionally believed to improve blood circulation, which can lead to relief from fatigue, headaches, arthritis, and other chronic conditions.

Bamboo Vinegar. This is a higher end wood vinegar and a high quality pad will have more bamboo vinegar than oak vinegars. This ingredient helps pull the toxins through the lymph system.

Tourmaline. This is a mineral that emits far infrared heat and negative ions that work to relieve pain and inflammation, and help promote deep, restorative sleep.

Houttuyni Cordata. (also known as Dokudami). This is a plant that contains a variety of flavanoids and has extremely potent absorbent properties.

Eucalyptus. One thing that is very cool about eucalyptus is that if you planted a eucalyptus tree in a swamp area, it would pull out the water via its roots, and soon, the swamp would be dry. It sucks the moisture from the ground, and is extremely important in pulling the toxins through the body into the foot pads. This is the process of osmosis.

Chitosan. I mentioned earlier that chitosan (a shellfish fiber) can absorb up to 400x its weight in toxic matter. It is what is used many times during oil spills. They pour the chitosan on the surface of the water, and come back to scoop it up as it absorbs the oils and impurities.

Agaricus Mushroom. This mushroom is said to support normal immune function and to promote homeostasis. It is known to help balance blood sugar levels and alleviate allergies.

 Saururus Chinensis. This plant is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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