Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Story of Amalgam Removal

So we all know how bad mercury is for us, and that our silver fillings in our mouth are 50% mercury. Over time and with every bite, they start leaking that toxic mercury into our mouths.

I knew that was what was happening to me, and while I didn't have acute mercury poisoning symptoms, I sure wasn't feeling my best.

I did some research which led me to DAMS which stands for dental amalgam mercury solution, and they are a non-profit organization that explain the process of safe amalgam removal. They also shared with me a list of safe dentists who understand the harm from removing the amalgams and replacing with composite fillings (many dentists will just drill, without worrying about the mercury dust that is being created... they will wear masks covering their nose and mouth, but won't care about you!). I went to a local natural dentist, and got some pricing. Wow! It was super expensive and I knew I couldn't justify spending that much (I had 7 amalgams in my mouth).

So, after researching, I went to my regular dentist and explained what I wanted... I wanted to wear a mask over my nose to not breathe in the vapors, and I wanted him to use a rubber dam (mostly used for root canals). He agreed.

I ended up doing it in 4 different steps... one quadrant of my mouth at a time. The upper right, the upper left, the lower right, and the lower left, about 2 months apart.

At each appointment I prepared myself for the mercury detox. Here is what I did:

1. I megadosed on Vitamin C a couple days before, and after.
2. I was taking chlorella supplements which is a well known heavy metal chelation agent.
3. I wore my detox foot pads DURING the process, and for a week straight afterward.

I have heard many stories of people who feel horrible after their amalgam removal. But with the measures that I took, I didn't feel bad at all.

However, I do have to tell you that there are some potential side effects you will want to know about.

The most major one is that the silver fillings actually are very good at not being sensitive (to hot, cold, acids)... but when you remove those fillings, the composites you replace them with are not so forgiving. You also run the risk of them drilling too close to your nerves and upsetting the nerve so it goes into a fit, and even can die as a result of the trauma (resulting in a necessary root canal).

That happened to me. I had two teeth in my upper left quadrant that were so sensitive I couldn't drink water at all if it was colder than room temperature. And it had to be through a straw. I couldn't for the life of me eat ice cream, or even pickles. It got to the point where I had to go back in to the dentist and see what they could do. They couldn't save the tooth and so I got a root canal, something I really didn't want.

But overall, I have a beautiful mouth now, you can't see any metal in it, and it is super healthy. I would definitely do it over again, as long as I could use the same precautions as I took.


  1. Very interesting story! I like how you figured out how to use your current dentist and save money. And it's great that he was willing, and didn't pooh-pooh your concerns.

    I really hate to bring this up, but root canals have their own risks. I would probably have a tooth pulled before I'd get one. I'll let you do your own research. =/

  2. Remember amid this time and amid your characteristic detox that you drink a lot of water. A great many people are got dried out and don't understand it accordingly the poisons that are discharged amid the withdrawal time frame wind up getting put away on the grounds that there is insufficient water to flush them from the body.