Sunday, March 10, 2013

200 Chemicals Found In Newborns

I wanted to write something about how effective the detox foot pads are for babies and young children. In fact, a test by an environmental group found more than 200 chemicals (on average!) in newborn umbilical cord blood.

The article states: "We know the developing fetus is one of the most vulnerable populations, if not the most vulnerable, to environmental exposure," said Anila Jacobs, EWG senior scientist. "Their organ systems aren't mature and their detox methods are not in place, so cord blood gives us a good picture of exposure during this most vulnerable time of life."

It is imperative that we detox our children, and my detox foot pads are a very good way to do it. The foot pads pull out heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins that you do not want your kids exposed to.

Some other ways to detox your kids are clay baths, green smoothies with chlorella in them, and getting them a lot of sunshine (without toxic sunscreen).

But, I think my foot pads are so much easier -- one single foot pad most likely covers their whole foot!

The benefits of my detox foot pads for children:

* One foot pad covers the whole foot, so it pretty much will help detox their whole body for a fraction of the cost of an adult!

* The foot pads help them sleep better, and we all know that well rested kids make mama happy!

* The foot pads have been proven to pull out the heavy metals that are so harmful to the kids' neurological development.

* There are no side effects known. (Allergens are: mushrooms and shellfish).

* It is easy to do, and much less expensive than other methods, and much less traumatic for the child. Many children see their parents using the foot pads and they want to, as well.

So, place your order today!

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