Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Processed Foods --- Natural Foods -- Learning is a Process

I remember back when I used to prepare meals out of a box, packaged dinners, frozen dinners, and store bought desserts. And I thought I was doing well for "cooking at home" instead of going out to eat at a restaurant. The commercial Yoplait yogurt I bought was good for me, right?

And then I realized there were certain ingredients I wanted to avoid, no matter what. They included MSG and Aspartame. So I started reading labels. And that meant that there were fewer "packaged" foods for me to purchase and make. No more Rice A Roni, Hamburger Helper and Stuffing mix for me.

And then I realized that there were SO many ingredients that hide MSG, like autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, maltodextrin, natural flavors, etc. Holy cow. What I once thought was healthy, was SO NOT HEALTHY!

And this was before I even realized how bad store bought milk was for you! (Well, I had switched to organic milk but still didn't know the extent of how bad it is for you).

I then started to make things from scratch. I was making homemade yogurt, I was making homemade bread. I was making beans and rice, and seasoning it. I cut out all soda pop, and white bread. No more sugar cereals, either. And dessert was for special occasions only.

Eventually I graduated to using raw milk (man, I was missing out all those years! This stuff is DELICIOUS!) I have made my own butter and I make my own raw milk kefir every day. I have even started buying grassfed beef, pastured eggs and poultry.

The reason why I am explaining these steps that I have taken to get to where I am now, is that it would have been so hard to go from eating packaged foods directly to making my own bone broth and fermented vegetables (which is where I am now). So don't despair. Just slowly make changes in your life, and eventually you will look back like I do, and wonder what you were thinking!

Learning is a process. It isn't like a light switch where you just flick it on.

And while I don't have any chronic health issues related to my diet, I still have issues. Sure, I am pretty healthy, and I don't get sick much. But I can't sleep well at night and I am under continuous stress all the time. Those issues result in a myriad of other problems that are created, which I am currently dealing with. I can't wait to report on that in my next blog post!

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