Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Times change. People don't.

“Times change. People don’t.”
John Caples

This is regarding marketing -- reading between the lines you are told that yes, times change. We are not the same society as we were in the 1700s. But... people stay the same -- we are all the same. We want acceptance, love, companionship, we want to feel important, proud of our accomplishments, and make something of ourselves. This can be said of people in 800 B.C., and it can be said of folks in the dark ages, and in our modern time.

So... regarding marketing, so many marketers think it is is important to do things differently because times are changing... the media we use can be different, but the marketing itself has no need to be changed. The concept, the ideas, the ones that have stood the test of time -- can all be the same.  Here is a list of emotional hot buttons that work in all media, regardless of whether it is online, in print, in a direct mail piece, or on television (just watch the ASPCA ads for confirmation that this works!)

The emotional hot buttons that work in all media: fear – greed – guilt – anger – exclusivity – salvation – flattery.

These ideas that I wrote about are from an article that Denny Hatch wrote, and can be found here

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