Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A different kind of chiropractor

I have this annoying rib that always pops out from my thoracic spine. It is the T-4 vertebrae. It has plagued me for almost 20 years. Unfortunately, once it pops out, it is hard to get it back in place. I have gone to chiropractor after chiropractor, and I leave my appointments in pain.

So, I think about 2 years ago, maybe a little less, my rolfer told me about a modality of chiropractic that I had never heard of before. It is called S.O.T. (for sacral occipital technique). So I searched online and found one within 20 miles of me. That has made a difference in my life!

So, the past week I had horrible thoracic pain, and really needed some relief. It is bad enough that I am struggling with my shoulder pain from my surgery recovery, so I went to New Brighton Chiropractic and saw Dr. Andrew Kollar. Not only did he pop my rib back in without any pain, it was done with pure ease.

And, he did active release technique on my shoulders, to help me in my rehabilitation from my shoulder surgeries. It is amazing. I go in with limited range of motion and I leave with full range of motion.

And, he doesn't "crack" your back by jabbing you real hard with his hands on your back. That isn't how SOT chiropractic works.

So, if you live in the area of the north metro in the Twin Cities, I would strongly suggest checking this clinic out. And, they are all so nice! Even the other patients that you get to meet are very friendly!

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