Friday, March 14, 2014

Detox Foot Pads For Injuries -- Here Is My Experience

In September 2005 I had a bad injury to my right hand. Not only did my middle finger get sliced to the bone (through all the connective tissue and nerves), I sprained that knuckle in my hand pretty bad.

I ended up at the hand surgeon and while he fixed the nerves and soft tissue as best he could (I still have some hypersensitive nerves on that finger and will always have them), my hand has occasionally acted up with arthritis pain. (I was 30 years old at the time of this injury).

My hand was swollen for over 6 months afterward. And I thought nothing of it for awhile, thinking it just needed time to heal.

Then, a Purify Your Body Detox Foot Pads customer told me a review of how she used the foot pads on her swollen knee right on the front of it (where it is bony), and the swelling went right down after a single day! I had always told my customers that the foot pads won't work on any bony areas of the body, and that they work in the blood rich areas, like the palm of the hand, not the back of the hand, or behind the knee, not the front of the knee, and on the bottoms of the feet, not the tops, etc.

So, this made me decide to try using my foot pads on my swollen hand. I did, and within a couple hours the pad was leaking out so much I had to change it in the middle of the night. I was shocked, and wanted to test my theory so the next night I put them on the back of both my hands: my good, uninjured left hand, and my injured right hand.

Same thing happened with my injured hand: Tons of goo within hours. Left hand: absolutely nothing, maybe a teeny bit of darkness around the edges, but nothing noticeable by any means.

Just the other day I injured that same hand again, the same knuckle. You never realize how much you count on the middle finger knuckle in your right hand -- almost everything you do has help from that area!

I was ready to go to the doctors and get it wrapped appropriately. But it was late at night and while I had been in pain for most of the day already, I figured I would wait until morning. And I put a foot pad on it overnight.

Here is the picture from the morning:

1st night of using the foot pads on my hand

 The half of the foot pads that is gooey is the area that was over my middle knuckle and index finger knuckle.

This was Tuesday morning when I took this picture. All day Tuesday I was amazed at how much better my hand felt. I would say 50% better than the day before. That is pretty good for the amount of pain I was in (and I didn't take any pain pills or anti-inflammatories). So I figured I wouldn't go to the doctor.

Tuesday night, I decided to try again. Here is the picture of my foot pad from then, the dark areas the same as the night before:

2nd night of using the foot pad on my hand.

Wednesday, I could barely tell that my hand was injured. Awesome!

Wednesday night I wanted to try again. This time I put the foot pad more on the fingers vs. the hand. The pad was barely over the big knuckle. Here is the result:

3rd night of using the pads on my right hand.

I was pretty shocked that just by changing the location on my hand by less than an inch, the foot pad was filled with this much goo the next morning.

Thursday night I decided to use a foot pad on each hand to compare. Here is the picture that I took Friday morning:

left, uninjured hand, and right, injured hand

I was actually a bit surprised that my left hand even had a little bit of goo on the foot pad after wearing them for 8+ hours, but not surprised at all on my right hand.

How cool is that? It is pulling out the inflammation that is preventing the injury from healing quickly. So that when the inflammation is reduced, healing can occur. Awesome!

I am all for quick fixes that make life easier, and make me healthier.