Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The frustration I have with doctors and the whole medical community right now

Back in June I went to see my primary care doctor because my throat felt like it was closing up. It felt like I was wearing a tight turtleneck. It didn't hurt, but it felt very uncomfortable. Especially at night when I was trying to sleep. So my PCP referred me to an ENT doc. So there I went, to see a specialist. He did a scope down my throat, through my nostril, it was super uncomfortable and hurt for days afterward. He said he was silent reflux, i.e. laryngopharyngeal reflux disease. The "silent" part comes in because I never had heartburn or felt acid... except on those occasions when I would eat dozens of jalapeno poppers or something similar. Then, I would feel heartburn for a little while, then it would go away.

So, he told me I need to start taking Prilosec, 40MG every morning 30 minutes before eating. Ok, so I told myself I would try this for a month or so, because I was getting sick of this tightness in my neck/throat. Within a few days of taking the prilosec, I started to feel acid coming up my throat. YUCK! So 2 weeks later I went back to the doc, telling him my symptoms, and that my throat issue has not changed. He added Sulcrafate to the prilosec, and told me I haven't given it enough time. So I was then taking 2 meds.

The acid seemed to go away with the second med (my assumption is that they neutralized each other). But then I felt a HUGE lump in my throat, behind my sternum area. It felt as if I swallowed a pill sideways and it got stuck. Even when I hadn't eaten anything for hours, I would have this feeling.

So finally, a month later, I went back to the ENT doc, and he said I should have an EGD done (esophagealgastroduodenoscopy I think is what it is called). To have a scope go all the way down into my esophagus and stomach and first part of my intestines, to just check things out. So I had that done. All they found was mild inflammation of the stomach lining which looked to be healing. That is it.

I should butt in right now and say that during this, I changed a lot of things. I inclined the head of my bed by 4 inches, I started making and drinking homemade kefir, I wouldn't eat after 6pm at night, and I cut out some of my favorite foods: chocolate, caffeine, tomatoes, peppermint... I am glad I found out about kefir, because I just feel super healthy now (other than the throat thing, mind you).

So, my assumption is that the inflammation of my stomach lining was caused by the overuse of NSAIDs that I used constantly during my shoulder issues (I had 2 shoulder surgeries last summer). The kefir was probably healing it.

I stopped all the drugs, and had my last appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, to check on my shoulders. I mentioned how my throat felt, and she said that my neck and shoulder muscles (including my trapezius) was SUPER tight, and that I should go get a massage and see my chiropractor. I hadn't seen them in months since I have been so busy going to medical doctors!!!! HAH! So, I went, and they both believe that it is caused by super tight neck muscles, from basically the base of my ear down to my sternum area. After my massage I felt amazing, it was great. So I figured I should also see my rolfer, Erin Herdina, from STructure For Life. She is amazing too! I hadn't seen her in over 8 months, so it was the longest stretch of time that I hadn't seen her for, in 5 1/2 years!

Today I went to see her. She told me my shoulders were rolled forward and that everything was super tight. So I got worked on at lunch time today and I can't even begin to describe how good I feel now. It was totally worth it!!!

My story is a perfect example of why I am not overly fond of medical doctors. I was put through procedures that carried some risk, that I really didn't need. I was put on medication that I also didn't need. YUCK! GROSS! I had a muscular-skeletal issue, yet they couldn't see beyond what the pharmaceutical companies could do for me. Not! I am just so frustrated. I ended up meeting my deductible for my high deductible insurance plan, and wasting money for my health plan group coverage. All because so many doctors don't see the body as a whole, and only see one tiny glimpse of it, and want to treat symptoms vs. the underlying cause.

What is Rolfing? It basically is the manipulation of the connective tissue in your body, so your body can have the correct posture again, and then have gravity work FOR you vs. against you. It aligns your body, and your structure and function improve. So I am glad I went to see her!!! She is amazing!

Next time my first stops will be to go to alternative medicine vs. allopathic doctors.

But don't get me wrong. I LOVE and RESPECT trauma care. If I get into a car accident and my arm is hanging off, take me to the nearest emergency room! :)

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