Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Pet Peeve!!

I tend to have a lot of pet peeves. But lately I have been relaxing more about them. For example, when people don't use their turn signals I don't feel the need to shoot them with a bazooka anymore; when people at work leave seconds left on the microwave after using it (instead of clearing it), I just hold me fire and clear it myself; when people talk about how they want to breed their pets to make money selling the puppies, ok, yeah, that one still gets to me.

Here is one that I just can't get out of my mind, especially since the economy is so bad and I still have money to spend! Why don't people contact you back when you leave a message or submit a request on their website?

I am not a sales person. I hate selling anything. And I don't really do anything that requires customer service. Other than my side business, where I email customers or talk to them about my detox foot pads, that is a breeze, I don't mind that. But I wouldn't take a job or start a business (contractor, painter, etc) without understanding that I NEED TO FOLLOW UP WITH PEOPLE!!

When I email someone on Craigslist because I am interested in buying something they are offering, GET BACK TO ME! When I use the contact us form because I have a question about a product before I buy it, I really want to know the answer before I buy! And, I won't buy before I find out that answer.

Don't have a "contact us" page on your website if you don't man it. Honestly.

Enough about my pet peeves for now. I truly am getting better, mostly...

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