Monday, August 15, 2011

avoiding disease... or at least catching it early

It seems as if these days, most everyone is sick, not feeling well, in a malaised state, or chronically ill.

My first suggestion to everyone is this.... avoid getting sick. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? If only it were.

I am not a great writer. I always have a great deal of thoughts going through my mind but when I try to write them down, they seem to get jumbled. So bear with me here.

To avoid getting sick you have to avoid toxins. This is easier said than done, as there are toxins everywhere: in the produce we eat (thinking we are eating healthy), in the shampoo we use, the makeup, skin lotion, processed foods, soda pop, artificial sweeteners, air pollution, just everywhere!

Since it is near impossible to avoid toxins (notice I didn't say avoid germs, since I think a healthy dose of germs builds out immune system!) the best we can do is to detox our bodies as often as possible. We can eat detoxifying foods, we can use a far infrared sauna, we can use the detox foot pads, or the foot detox baths, or do acupuncture, we can do liver flushes and colon cleanses, and the many other multiple ways we can detox our bodies.

We also need to make sure we put good nutrients into our bodies. It seems almost impossible to get the nutrients our bodies need from our food, so we most likely will end up needing to take a good supplement, hopefully from whole foods. (i.e. a good greens formula, for example).

Disease can strike anyone. Everyone's tolerance level is different. Even though you and I may be exposed to the same amount of toxins, I may get sick from them and you may not. It may take double the amount to get you sick. Our chemical make up is just way different from each other. So it isn't right to compare one person to another. We just know what causes the sickness (toxins).

If you are unable to avoid disease, the next best thing is to catch it early. Many people gradually decline in health, so it might be very slow, they don't notice until they are super sick, that something is amiss. They can't pinpoint when it happened, or what caused it. Never would they believe that it was actually the toxins they were putting in their bodies over many years time!

Sometimes you feel ok and then all of the sudden you aren't feeling good at all. It may be a general feeling of being unwell, or it could be something like cancer.

While I am normally not too fond of doctors for every day care, I do firmly believe in getting a physical regularly, and catching any cancer or other illness, early.

My point is that if you aren't feeling well, and think something might be wrong, go get checked out -- catch it early, and then start treating it naturally. (Well, that is what I would do!) Some of the things I would do include drinking essiac tea, ozone therapy, and a rife machine. Those are just for starters.

Cheers to you and good luck avoiding disease!

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