Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Common chemicals linked to early puberty

I have been telling people this for many years.... about all the toxins.... explaining how todays little girls start their periods earlier... and it isn't only the toxins that are described in WC Douglass' report below, but also from the bovine growth hormone in milk that we feed our kids!! We think it is healthy for them (vs. soda -- well, it might be better than all the sugars, but creates a whole new array of trouble for their small bodies). If you HAVE to ingest all this crap, then at least detox your body consistently... detoxifying foot pads, far infrared sauna, or whatever method you prefer.

Common chemicals linked to early puberty
by WC Douglass, MD

Little girls are quickly turning into women... and not just because time flies. They're getting a secret hormone boost that's leading to early puberty and a lifetime of trouble.

And unless you've been growing your own food and drinking out of coconut shells, your family is almost certainly at risk.

The latest study found that young girls around the country have alarming levels of three frightening hormone-like substances that I've been warning you about: phenols, phthalates and phytoestrogens.

When researchers from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine studied urine samples from 1,151 girls between 6 and 8 years old from New York City, Cincinnati and northern California, they found high levels of all three of those "p's" in the pee.

I'll throw in one more "p" -- poison, because these awful chemicals will harm you and your family, especially your children and grandchildren.

It's not hard to figure out why kids are absorbing so much of this junk... because the troubling trio is everywhere. Phthalates are in plastics -- even toys -- as well as cosmetics. Phytoestrogen is the key hormone-like substance that makes soy so dangerous. And the most common phenol, BPA, is in just about everything -- including plastic bottles and can linings.

This new study in Environmental Health Perspectives is on girls, but the damage isn't limited to them. These are equal-opportunity hormones, and they're making boys more feminine as well.

Turns out the phthalates are even helping boys to grow their own breasts -- to the point where some of them practically need bras themselves. (Read, "Why some boys have breasts.")

I've also told you plenty about BPA -- it's been linked to heart disease, cancer, obesity, asthma and all manner of sexual dysfunction in males and females alike. Soy is quite simply the world's most dangerous substance disguised as food.

There's no room for debate on this, and no time to wait for the feds to act. Avoid soy, plastics and cans as much as you possibly can.

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