Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hidden hazards of nano-ingredients

I have a couple things to say about this article by Dr. W.C. Douglass, MD. First, I am extremely afraid of nano-technology in our food... second, I don't even think that my detox foot pads can get these toxic, DNA-damaging "nano-particles" out of your body (no testing on this has been done, so I am not going to say that my detox foot patches CAN pull them out of your body when I am not sure. My foot pads can do amazing things... unfortunately I will not say they can help with this!)

Last of all, I am very excited that my garden is ready to plant. I am just waiting a few more weeks to plant the majority of my stuff, but I will be planting my lettuce and broccoli this weekend. I was told they are "cold weather" veggies and can withstand a frost or two... I thought I was told that beans can weather the frost, too, but I am not positive, so I will have to check. I LOVE green beans!! And, when our fruit starts producing, I will make homemade jam, I will can, I will make pies, oh, it will be fun!!! (and healthy). No more putting toxins in my body!!

Take care!

Hidden hazards of nano-ingredients

By W.C. Douglass, MD

I never thought I'd say this, but there's something in your food that's even worse than sugar... and this microscopic new threat isn't even listed on the ingredients label.

These tiny terrors are called "nanoparticles" or "nanomaterials," and they've been scientifically engineered to make foods look better and last longer.

But when it comes to nano, just say no-no -- because nanotechnology, as it's called, is wildly unregulated and dangerously untested. In fact, we have no idea at all what this junk might to do humans -- yet you're probably eating it right now.

Welcome to your new life as a supermarket lab rat.

What little we do know is downright frightening: A two-year study on animals at UCLA found nano-titanium dioxide -- the most common nanoparticle -- caused DNA and chromosome damage, according to AOL News.

The researchers say this kind of severe damage could lead to cancer, heart disease and brain disease... and yet these nano-particles are turning up in everything from fruit and vegetable coatings to salad dressing to ice cream.

We used to call that food tampering. Instead, the mad scientists behind this sick scheme are considered industry pioneers.

Meanwhile, the FDA is so in the dark on this one that they won't even admit it's in your food... even if its own experts say it is. In fact, the AOL News report found that 20 of the world's top food makers have their own nano-labs or contracts with universities to develop nano-ingredients for them.

And because there's no requirement to list these particles on nutritional labels, there's no way of knowing if your food has been nano-tainted... and therefore no way to avoid it.

It's reaching the point where the only way to be safe is to grow your own -- and if you have the time and space, don't wait -- spring is here. Start planting today.

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