Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why I LOVE detox foot pads (foot detoxifying pads) as the best way to detox your body

I really am excited about my detox foot pads. Yeah, I know, I have been selling them for over 5 years now. But yet I am still very excited about this method of detox. I will tell you why. But first -- I always remind people that detox foot pads CAN be a scam if you do not make sure your foot patches are 100% pure ingredients and free of fillers. Fillers (dextrin, Vegetable fiber) are basically cornstarch. They have no beneficial reason to be in the foot pad, other than because it is dirt cheap and they can make more money off you. (in the long run they lose customers -- because you won't be a repeat customer). More than 75% of my customers are repeat customers. The percentage is increasing, too!

So here are the reasons why my foot detox pads are great:

1. This is an extremely easy way to detoxify your body. It is not harsh on your body at all. You can't detox your body too quickly with this method. With other methods you can get sick quickly, if you detox too fast (it is called the detox reaction, and the #1 reason why people do not finish detoxing.)
2. The detox foot pads get out many heavy metals, plastics, chemicals and other toxins.
3. The BEST reason why my detox foot pads just totally rock, are because they are a unique way of detoxing. Many other detox products require you to commit to it for a month at a time, or 3 months, or 6 weeks... and if you stop, the benefits are gone... you have to complete their whole plan or you lose any benefits that you have gained. With my detox foot pads, you get to set your own schedule. If you want a quicker detox, you can use 3 per foot per night. This may only take a month or so to get your body fully detoxed. If you decide to use the foot pads only on the weekends (like me), then it may take you a full year of wearing only one on each foot. These two examples both use about 200 foot pads, but are very different in the process. Even if you faithfully use the detox pads for a full month, then stop using them for 6 months, the benefits you got from the first month are still there. Those toxins didn't come back into your body! Even one night is beneficial.

I have included a chart to show you the toxins that showed up in my foot pads about 3 years ago. The N represents negative (that specific toxin was not in the foot pads) and the P represents positive.

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