Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A nice quality tweezer set -- review

I can NEVER find a good pair of tweezers in my house when I need them. And with my husband doing woodworking and making furniture as a hobby, he is always asking me for some because of splinters.

This high quality tweezer set comes with four "tweezers". A flat one, a slanted one, a pointy one and a pair of nail scissors.

It comes with a carrying case to store them, and this set that I received will always be the place to keep them. I will not allow them to be removed and used elsewhere! I will be that kind of person and make sure they don't get lost.

We also used them a lot of times to remove ticks from our pets, when we lived in Central America. During dry season the ticks are so horrible. Even walking on the roads my dog would get 10-20 ticks EACH TIME. He knew that after each walk I had to "pick the bugs" off him. It was horrible. So tweezers are something we use all the time.

We can use these for plucking eyebrows and stray hairs. I can use it to pluck the hairs on my husband's back, and like I mentioned, his splinters! You need really sharp ones for splinters and these are super sharp.

I am not sure what to use the scissors for, maybe hang nails? I currently just use a nail clipper for them, but I will have to try the scissors out for them and see if it works.


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