Monday, May 4, 2015

ACL Tear - My Poor Pup's Treatment Protocol

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my dog, Aegis (pronounced EE-GIS, with a soft "g", rhymes with Regis). He is 7 years old and a flashy fawn boxer boy.

In January, he somehow injured his left hind leg -- and after a vet visit with some x-rays, he was diagnosed with a partial ACL tear. Instead of heading into surgery right away, we decided to do conservative management. We used a few holistic remedies and he seemed to recover very quickly.

We were relieved.

Fast forward about 3 months. He came to us walking on 3 legs -- his left hind leg was injured. We were devastated. The TPLO surgery is pretty hard core and the recovery is pretty intense. 

In the past 3 months (we moved here in January a few weeks before the first incident) we met some new friends. One of them was Carl Malone, who is a naturopath and also is an expert in laser therapy. So, I called him up and asked if we could use the laser on Aegis. That was a Friday and he came over around 10am. We did our first laser treatment on his injury. Here is a video of it:

Carl let me use the laser for the whole weekend. I gave Aegis about 3 laser treatments per day, and returned it on Monday.

Here is a quick video of Aegis after the 3 days of laser treatments:

So, there was a remarkable difference in such a short time. I am convinced the laser is a miracle worker! 

But, two weeks later, Aegis once again was running down the stairs and slid on the tile. He cannot walk on his leg again. It was not strong enough to continue the healing that was done.

We have decided to schedule the surgery to repair his torn ACL. He will go in for the surgery in a little over 2 weeks (the soonest appt. available) and we will use the laser again to help him heal very quickly. 

We will report back at that time to show you how quickly he heals with the laser therapy.

For more information on this laser that we used, you can visit Carl's website at

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