Sunday, May 31, 2015

3D Fiber Lashes from Mia Adora

I tried the 3D Fiber Lashes from Mia Adora and did not like them.

I have very long, thin lashes. I do not think they are made for lashes like mine. I followed the instructions, including curling my lashes, using the gel, then the fibers, and finishing up with the gel. I use the fibers on the tips of my lashes, but the fibers STILL got into my eye and irritated the heck out of them all day long.

My eyes did not look much difference compared to regular mascara. In fact, they didn't look as full!

Here are my lashes with regular mascara:

Here are two shots of me using the fiber lashes. The second image below shows me without mascara on one eye and with the 3D fiber lashes on the second one. I am not fully impressed.

However, I would like to say that I have friends who use these 3D lashes and they look AMAZING on them. I don't know why that isn't the case for me. But I cannot review a product without being fully honest with how it works for ME.

They are super clumpy for me. Really not my idea of putting on makeup. I think they would be better for someone who has shorter lashes that are thicker.

However, they work the same as Younique's 3D Lashes, but are so much cheaper and you don't have to deal with an MLM rep! You get free shipping from Amazon and they are only $20! So, you might as well try them out to see if they work for YOU.

Buy them here:

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