Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Amazing Difference In Autistic Boy - Testimonial

Here is a follow up testimonial from a customer and her experience using the detox foot pads on her son who has autism. I LOVE these testimonials! (original testimonial can be found here)

A little over a month ago I posted about my autistic son "M" and how we started to use these amazing foot pads. I had every intention of doing at least a weekly update but life got crazy. We used the foot pads for a month, receiving great results.

Week 1
I placed one pad on each foot each night over his liver/intestine area. At first the pads smelled of metal but the smell started to change. They were also dark and gooey. I noticed a dramatic improvement in his behaviors and meltdowns, as in he had none! He also was sleeping much better at night. He would awaken ready to go, not fighting me at all.

Week 2
I started placing one pad per foot in the liver/intestine area but near the end of week moved it up to the respiratory/lung area. The pads were still dark and gooey but the smell changed to a nasty dirty barbeque smell. His behaviors were getting better, even getting remarks from his teachers in school.

Near the end of the week his sister got Pertussis so we moved the pads to the respiratory area of his foot. He started to show signs of Pertussis himself but the symptoms only lasted 3 days. The pads in the morning were horrible smelling and oozed with a nasty mess. Every morning the Pertussis symptoms got less and less.

Week 3
Since M was getting sick the end of the previous week we still put the pads in the respiratory/lung area for the first 2 days. In the morning as the symptoms decreased so did the nasty oozing mess on the pads. Since he was on the mend I then started putting the pads on the lower intestinal area not over the liver like previously done. The pads still came out smelling of barbeque and dark in color.

I thought since his intestines is where he has the most problems that was where I should focus. His behaviors started to come back. He started to have meltdowns again and trouble at school. I was confused because of the progress we made yet still continued with the pads.

Week 4
After the past week and all the regression I decided to move the pads to his liver area again. In the morning it was a night and day difference. He awoke happy again. His behaviors went down and school work improved. Apparently he still needed his liver cleaned.

He was getting unhappy about the pads being on his foot so we tried his hands. One pad fit over his whole palm. He was very excited to put them on his hands that he even got gloves to make sure they were held tight to help him detox better. In the morning we took them off his hands & saw a nice gooey mess. We were excited to see that it worked best on his hands. He enjoyed it more and it did a more all over toxin unloading.

We still have work to do BUT I must say these pads have made SO much progress in such a short time. I was getting a bit discouraged when he started to regress but I did learn a bit too. I really love that these pads made detoxing far less painful and time consuming. They made such an improvement in such a short time! Seriously amazing and exciting when you have tried so many things before.

Thank you Purify Your Body for having these pads available! I'm going to be getting some for my husband next who has SERIOUS liver issues to be worked on.


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